Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Book Release

As a pastor of a local church I am frequently friends with people who neither reject nor embrace my faith. They live someplace in between. Sometimes it feels like they’re stuck there, not sure whether to jump in or jump out. I have often wanted a little book to give them that would help them count the costs and benefits of following Jesus.  

Well, I wrote that little book and am so excited to make it available.

If you are not yet a follower of Jesus, I'd encourage you to get a copy and use it to consider whether it’s time to take that step. At fifty pages it's a short read so you can read it thoughtfully, and even prayerfully. God is listening.

If you have already taken that step of faith, I'd invite you to read it to refresh your faith and to renew your understanding about the costs and rewards of following Jesus. And then use it to help your friends figure out whether your faith should be theirs.

(Note to Pastors and church leaders, if you want to offer this book as a free gift for your guests, I'd be glad to set you up with a bulk discount. Just email me.)

Have you ever felt like you’re somewhere between “believing in God” and “following Jesus”?  You’ve been told there’s a decision to make, but you’re just not sure you understand or like the options?

This book is an honest look at the costs and rewards of following Jesus. It’s written to help you decide your own answer to the question: Should I become a follower of Jesus?

List: $5.99
Published: March 2013
(Paperback, 50 pages)