Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Prayer of Dedication for Relationships

This past Sunday I began our relationship series by talking about how most of us enter relationships with the question: What's In It For Me? But the Bible says that relationships built on that don't work. So I offered God's "Uncommon Wisdom" about how to be pure in your relationships, and then suggested this Prayer of Dedication for any who wanted to pray it:
Lord, purify me. Forgive me where I’ve been self-serving and competitive in my relationships. Teach me to put others first, to be glad for them, and to see all my relationships through a renewed awe and respect for you, Jesus. I dedicate myself to honoring you in my relationships. Amen.
Keep praying. God's listening. Be pure. You can have uncommonly good relationships!

This Sunday I'll be dealing with the "Uncommon Wisdom" of being peace-loving when "Common Wisdom" clings to the threat of, You're Gonna Pay.

Watch online or in person, and include a friend. Go to Bahia Vista Church for service times and  location.