Monday, September 5, 2011

Post-Labor Day Prayer

I looked it up: Labor Day is for honoring the economic and social contributions of workers.

Many of us take the day off, but some of us still have to work. The Bahia Vista Church staff gets the day off (from office type responsibilities at least) to celebrate by hanging out with family and friends. But both my sons had to work their jobs -- one at a deli, the other at a supermarket -- so that other people would have the stuff they need to hang out with family and friends. And, of course, my brother worked today because he's self-employed -- I guess, for him, working is honoring the economic contribution of his work.

Even though not everyone takes the day off, Labor Day still feels like a holiday to most of us here in the United States. And many of us also treat it as the symbolic end to summer activities -- sort of the last hurrah before getting back to real life. Here in Florida it'll feel like summer for a long while yet but it'll feel different in other ways. There will be fewer of us gone on vacation, so we'll see people more regularly at regular things, like church.

Tomorrow, as we come back refreshed for work and the routine social interactions of life, my prayer is this:
Lord Jesus, help us to honor you with the contribution of our lives.  
May we be discerning and passionate to work in the areas of our gifting, and in areas of opportunity, so that we are not just serving to make "economic and social contributions", but to add spiritual value as well.
Teach us to worship you joyfully and prayerfully in the daily grind.
Cause  our decisions and schedules and priorities to give true witness to this fact -- that we are determined to love you with all we are, and to love our neighbors with all we have.